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James Tibone honored by sports medicine society

James Tibone, left, receives the 2018 Robert E. Leach Sports Medicine Leadership Award from the AOSSM Vice President James Bradley. (Photo/Courtesy AOSSM) James Tibone, MD, professor of clinical orthopaedic surgery at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, recently received the 2018 Robert E. Leach Sports Medicine Leadership Award from the American Orthopaedic ...  
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Do You Need a Total Shoulder Replacement?

The pain in your shoulder has become unbearable, and no therapeutic or medical treatments are working. Maybe it’s time to consider a total shoulder replacement. If you have exhausted all other options to alleviate pain in your shoulder, your doctor may suggest total shoulder replacement. This comprehensive surgery is an effective way to relieve pain ...  
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What To Expect When You See Your Shoulder And Elbow Surgeon

Have you been experiencing pain in your shoulder or elbow? Has your physician told you that you need to see a specialist? A shoulder or elbow injury can cause symptoms that range from minor to excruciating pain. The level of pain depends on what the specific cause of the issue is. Regardless of the level of pain, ...  
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When You Should See a Doctor About Joint Pain

Your knee started feeling funny after last weekend’s tennis match. But now it’s Thursday and it still hurts. Time to make an appointment with your doctor? Find out the telltale signs. Whether it’s knee pain, a strange finger cramp or a swollen elbow, joint pain can range from mildly annoying to completely debilitating. But it’s ...  
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Meet Christopher C. Ornelas, MD, Assistant Professor Of Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Ornelas is the chief of spine medicine of the USC Spine Center of Keck Medicine of USC. Here’s what you won’t find on his resume: He dreamed of becoming a doctor. “My entire life, I always wanted to be a physician. The day I was accepted to medical school my lifetime dream came true. ...  
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Meet Alidad Ghiassi, MD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Ghiassi is an orthopaedic surgeon at Keck Medicine of USC who specializes in hand and upper extremity surgery. Here’s what you won’t find on his resume: He always wanted to be a doctor. "My earliest memory is of my brother and I playing pretend in the backyard. He wanted to be a lawyer. I ...  
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How Being a Weekend Warrior Can Lead to Injuries

Many of us are guilty of squeezing too many physical activities and recreational sports into the weekend to make up for our sedentary lifestyles during the rest of the week. But these strenuous exercises can often lead to harm when the body isn’t prepared for vigorous bursts of activity. In spring and summer, the number ...  
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Your Post-Marathon Recovery Tip Sheet

You may feel a great sense of achievement when you are crossing the finish line of a much-anticipated marathon, but there are several things you need to do after you get home (besides taking a shower)! Recovering from a race is as crucial as training for the big day, especially if you like to keep ...  
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9 Things You Need To Do To Get The Ultimate Summer Body (For Regular People)

Summer is around the corner. Your body isn’t in tip-top shape, but you want to get it there. You may not want to get buff. You may not want to get ripped. You may not want to get shredded. But you want to make sure you lose a few pounds, tone up and have a ...  
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Sit Up Straight! Tips from an Ergonomic Expert Will Make You Feel Better at Work and at Play

Sore shoulders? Aching back? Reduce pain and increase productivity by consulting with an ergonomic expert. It’s not in your head — in fact, that nagging, office-related pain can slow you down even when you’re away from work. Poor workplace posture and repetitive movements lead to musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, rotator cuff ...  
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