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Why Do Old Injuries Ache When It Rains?

Can your grandmother’s achy knee really predict when it will rain? Science says yes. Find out why the weather wreaks havoc on more than the morning commute. It seems crazy to think that the weather can cause an old injury to ache. But, studies have confirmed that weather can have an impact on the way Read more

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Sports Medicine Expert Tips to Reduce Sports Injuries

Whether you’re a dedicated athlete or just take an occasional bike ride, an active lifestyle sometimes leads to injury. More than 3.2 million injuries from sports and recreation are treated in emergency rooms annually, according to The National Safety Council's 2016 Injury Facts Report. Thousands more injuries are seen later by primary care or urgent care Read more

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Is Specialization Helping Or Hurting Our Young Athletes?

You want your children to focus on one specific sport so they can be a star player. But is that the right thing to do? Under tremendous pressure to standout and win, young athletes often specialize in one sport way too soon. But studies are inconclusive that training in one sport is the ultimate path Read more

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Do You Know How to Prevent a Chronic Sports Injury?

Sports injuries can be brutal. Do you know how to prevent them? Overuse injuries account for 25 percent of all sports injuries – regardless of age or skill level. We spoke with two USC physicians to learn more about overuse injuries and how to prevent them. James E. Tibone, MD, Moss professor of sports medicine, Read more

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Do You Play Sports? These Rules Are Designed to Keep You Safe

If you play sports, most likely you have experienced an injury. What you may not realize is that rules designed to keep you safe impact the way the game is played – and these rules are constantly evolving. In the early days, rule modifications in any given sport occurred slowly, usually to accommodate technological improvements Read more

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Guardians of the Gridiron: These USC Doctors Score Big on Player Safety

Which sport has the highest number of injuries? You guessed it: football. These USC doctors have made it their mission to keep players safe before, during and after the big game. To understand the role of medical professionals in the game, we reached out to Seth C. Gamradt, MD, director of orthopaedic athletic medicine and Read more

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