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Trauma and Fracture Care

Microfracture Surgery of the Knee

This common procedure is performed through arthroscopy by making small holes, or microfractures, in the bone in the region of the damaged cartilage with an awl. The microfractures stimulate the production of cells in the bones, creating a healing response that produces new cartilage.

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Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation

In this two-part surgical procedure, healthy cartilage is scraped and removed from the bone through arthroscopy. The cartilage cells are then cultured and expended over a three-to-five-week period. In a second procedure, the newly grown cultured cells are implanted into cartilage defects in the joint.

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Abrasion Arthroplasty

This surgical procedure grinds down, reshapes and smooths the damaged surface of a joint. Using arthroscopic surgery, high-speed burrs remove the damaged cartilage.

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Vascularized Fibula Graft Procedure for the Hip

Vascularized fibula graft procedure for the hip treats osteonecrosis by removing a part of a bone (fibula) in the lower leg, artery and vein, and transplanting them into a hole created in the femoral head. Reattaching the artery and vein brings new blood flow to the affected area. This procedure may be used when nonsurgical ... Read More »

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Tibial Tuberosity Transfer Treatment of the Knee

The tibial tubercle is the bump on the front of the leg where the patellar tendon inserts. In some patients with a poorly positioned patella, a procedure that moves the tibial tubercle is necessary. By cutting and shifting the bump, the kneecap’s position changes, realigning the patella, alleviating pressure and making it less likely to ... Read More »

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Peripheral Nerve Injury

Peripheral nerves work on the periphery of the central nervous system, connecting other areas of the body to the brain and spine. The 43 pairs of these nerves are connected through an extensive network, and injury is common. Minor cases involve mild compression of the nerves. More serious injuries occur when the nerve is cut ... Read More »

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