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Patient Testimonials

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The Keck Effect: More Heroes

A natural athlete, Clif H. Dunn spent most of his life playing sports, running and bike riding. But in one heroic moment, his favorite activities were stripped away from him.
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Patient Andrew Cromwell hikes near his house after hip replacement surgery at Keck Medicine of USC.

The evening after his hip replacement surgery, Andrew Cromwell walked a few laps around the nurse’s station on his floor of Keck Hospital of USC.

“I am the Bionic Man,” he wrote before turning in. By the next day, Cromwell was walking up and down flights of stairs in the hospital, albeit slowly, and was sent home with a bag of pain pills that he never used. “I never needed them,” he says.
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Taking a Knee

Star high school quarterback recovers from early injuries thanks to USC Center for Sports Medicine

Palos Verdes High School was a long shot to take the CIF football championship in 2015 and when the underdogs took the prize, their senior quarterback, Steven Delcarson, was showered with accolades. He was named the league’s most valuable player, the most valuable player in CIF, and Palos Verdes High’s athlete of the year.

The honors were particularly important to Delcarson because he, too, was something of a long shot. He had a serious injury to his knee just before starting high school that, had it not been handled better, might have kept him on the bench.

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Saving Life and Limb

As a teenager, Robert Dobbie loved to surf. The Hermosa Beach, CA, native learned to longboard and boogie board, and along with his friends, he’d enter local surfing competitions to see how he stacked up against other wave-catchers.

“It was just going out there and having fun,” says the now 40-year-old father of three. “We didn’t go far with the competitions, but we had a great time.”

But without expert intervention from Keck Medicine of USC doctors, Dobbie’s life could have played out very differently.

At the age of 12, he began to feel pain in his right leg while playing sports. His parents took him to a specialist, who referred the sixth-grader to Lawrence Menendez, MD, at Keck Medicine of USC. After a biopsy of Dobbie’s tibia, Menendez gave the family a diagnosis — Dobbie had an osteogenic sarcoma, a primary malignant tumor that begins growing in the ends of the bones where new bone tissue develops.

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Tina gets a new hip — and a new lease on life

tina_orthopaedic_climbingTina was born with hip dysplasia, but she never let it stop her. At an early age she developed a love for the outdoors and athletics, finding a beautiful culmination of the two in her passion for extreme sports. She barely even noticed her hip until her late 20s, when she began to experience mild pain. Undaunted, she pushed through it, continuing to go canyoneering, repelling and water skiing.

Her situation finally began to catch up with her in her mid 30s. Her pain worsened. She couldn’t sleep and could barely walk. She developed a limp. She tried everything over the next 10 years, from physical therapy to cortisone shots. Nothing gave her long-term relief. Finally, at age 46, a friend recommended she see Jay R. Lieberman, MD, professor and chair of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Keck Medicine of USC.

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