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Cartilage Preservation and Restoration

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Cartilage preservation and restoration repairs cartilage by aging, overuse and accidents. Physical therapy, alternating ice and heat treatments, using supplements such as chondroitin and glucosamine, and wearing a brace on the affected area are non-surgical treatments that your doctor may recommend.

For patients who experience ongoing pain and instability, arthroscopy may be recommended. For this minimally invasive procedure, doctors make small incisions around the affected area and insert a tiny camera to guide them through surgery.

When possible, Keck Medicine of USC doctors try to repair the cartilage. If the cartilage damage is too extensive, then arthroscopy will not work, and the patient may require a knee arthroplasty procedure. Keck Medicine of USC orthopaedic surgeons are pioneers for many joint preservation and replacement procedures, and have performed thousands of surgeries.

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